White papers

Why Agile Business Transformation White Paper 1 Peter Measey
Agile Business Transformation Values and Principles White Paper 2 Peter Measey

The Agile Business Transformation white paper series by Peter Measey includes in-depth articles dealing with the topic of business transformation, with a focus on Agile. The content in these white papers is based on Peter’s over 20 years experience in IT and Business Transformation using Agile, and include many real-life case studies, examples, and external research findings.

In these first two white papers you will find out:

What the current state of Business Transformation is and how it has evolved compared to 20 years ago.
Why Business transformation needs to change.
What outcomes you could expect from an Agile Business Transformation.
What are the values and principles of Agile Business Transformation.

White papers

SAFe 4.6 White Paper A4

This white paper provides an overview of SAFe®, the Big Picture graphic, the new core competencies, and the values, mindset, principles, and practices that guide teams to more effectively build solutions in a far leaner – and more Agile -fashion.

Topics covered in this white paper include:

Introduction to the ‘Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise’
The Lean-Agile Leadership
Team and Technical Agility
DevOps and Release on Demand
Business Solutions
Lean Systems Engineering
Lean Portfolio management.

White papers

Organisational culture and Agile frameworks alignment White paper V2

This white paper will question whether you can align certain organisational culture types with specific Agile frameworks.

Furthermore, it will offer you guidance on how to choose the best-suited Agile framework based on your existing organisational culture, and how to maximise the alignment between culture and the chosen framework.

Does your organisation have a Control culture? Find out why a Kanban approach could be recommended. Is your organisation aligned to a Collaboration culture? Find out which Agile approach could bring you the best results.

Visualisation downloads

Scrum Framework v2.7

The Radtac Scrum Framework poster provides you with a quick, visually engaging, 2-page overview of the Scrum process and its key elements. Need a quick reminder of the Scrum events, Artefacts, or Roles? Download the Scrum Framework poster and keep it at hand – it will remind you of the essential Scrum concepts

Agile Foundations Book sample

‘Agile Foundations – Principles, Practices and Frameworks’ gives a rounded, unbiased view of Agile generically, not focusing on any one Agile framework’s view. There are many Agile books available; however the majority of them discuss specific Agile techniques or specific Agile frameworks. While Agile frameworks have successfully been applied to business transformation projects, marketing, health service commissioning, and many other business sectors, this book mainly concentrates on Agile product delivery within the IT industry.

The Agile Tools Mobile App

The Agile Tools mobile app allows you to use some of the most handy Agile tools, straight from your phone. Quickly estimate story sizes with the Planning poker or the t-shirt sizing feature, and effectively manage your time through the app’s features. All instructions on how to use the features are included, so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, you can keep in touch with Radtac thanks to the embedded website browser.

Agile Terms Glossary

Find a short explanation of the most common terms used in Agile.

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