Customer Focus – What do you need to know to do it right

Customer Focus – What do you need to know to do it right

– By Deborah Ghisolfi –

An Italian financial company recently decided to send a new offer as a loyalty program. They pulled together a mailing list, cleaned it up, iterated on copy and design, and checked with legal several times to get the needed approvals. Six weeks later, they were ready to go. Too much time!

In a world where people decide to delete an email after two seconds depending on the subject, and Financial Digital Companies like N26 or Revolut help people to open a bank account in ten minutes, six weeks for an email test pushes a company to the boundaries of irrelevance.

Every day we heard how digital technology allows marketers to find innovative new ways to meet customers’ needs far more effectively. But taking advantage of the new possibilities enabled by digital requires changes to marketing organizations to become much nimbler and have a bias for action.

Agile, in the marketing context, means using creativity based on data and analytics to continuously find and realize opportunities to solve problems in real time, deploying tests quickly, evaluating the results, and rapidly iterating. Probably, a high-functioning agile marketing organization can run hundreds of campaigns simultaneously and multiple new ideas every week.

Adopting a customer-centric mindset is just as critical in B2B and B2C dealings as it is when serving retail customers, but the Marketing team face special challenges.

How can we do that using the mind mapping?

In my courses I use the Mind Mapping technique to map all customers behaviors, thoughts and habits.

Mind Mapping is a useful technique that:

  • supports learning;
  • improves information recording;
  • shows how different facts and ideas are related, and
    enhances creative problem solving.

Mind Maps are more compact than conventional notes, and often take up just one side of paper. This helps you to make associations and to generate new ideas. You can also add new information easily.

Mind Mapping

The use of maps as a planning and marketing strategy tool allows you to develop the best creative output to solve your customers problems and concern.

One of the values ​​of Agile Marketing is the “customer focus”. What could be better than displaying your entire marketing strategy in a format that is easy to update, edit and share? A shared mind map ensures that all team members are aware of their goals and priorities and focus their efforts on activities that drive greater growth.

Effective communication is also one of the principles of Agile Marketing.


Deborah Ghisolfi


Deborah has a strong technical background built with years of experience as an IT manager in Enterprise environments. She loves innovation and aims to deeply understand the benefits of using it in business environment. Deborah helps organizations to grow their business by focusing on customers, people and relationships.

Through the Growth Hacking Marketing, teams usually learn:

– to be quick and work with limited budget and resources

– do not be afraid to experiment because you will focus on priorities

Since 2004, Deborah calls herself Agile Addicted because agile is her way of being, in addition to her way of building strong relationships. Deborah has gained more than 10 years of Agile consulting and training with companies in the digital products mainly, Luxury and Fashion. Deborah collaborates with the most important Italian and foreign communities both as a speaker and as a researcher.

Deborah is the only Italian authorized instructor for ICAgile to deliver certified courses focused on Agile for Marketing team.

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